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Chapter 3, Max Ossenberg-Engels: From Classical to Modern

Dancer with Theater Basel

As a classically trained dancer who wanted to transition in the direction of modern dance, I always feared that I lacked certain skills. This used to be a constant source of worry for me when I was looking for jobs. I came to this realization in my first auditions. Lacking the knowledge you think you ought to have can make one incredibly nervous and insecure-- two things you really don't need in an audition! But as my career progressed, and I moved from one audition to the next, I soon figured out the key which is to just stay calm! This means staying composed whether you've fallen or not, and keeping on even when you don't fully have the dance combination down.

Over time and with each new audition, I tried to open myself up more and to all the new experiences that come at the moment. Meaning that I try to be focused and take in what's going on around me and at the same time focus on my inner self, trusting my own experience and skill set. I think that's really important because you want to show who you are and how you dance!

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