Emanuel Abruzzo Under Lockdown

Dancer with Ballet Estable of Teatro Colón

Like many around the world, Emanuel Abruzzo, a dancer with Ballet Estable of Teatro Colón, has been under lockdown since March in Buenos Aires. While many dancers were worrying about which classes to take amid lockdown restrictions, Emanuel shared with his social media followers the idea of hosting a daily ballet barre to help those (and himself) stay in shape. Though his virtual training was only intended for a couple of weeks, he is now well into his third month of teaching. Catering to different types of dancers, he's also offering additional classes in collaboration with international artists as well as live performances via his social media channels free of charge. His only ask? That his class attendees continue to support their respective studios as they too weather the financial storm of trying to stay afloat.

In an interconnected world where studios and professional schools create the next generation of artists, the dance industry's and its entire infrastructure is at stake here. Let this be a reminder that we are all in this together. Emanuel shows us that we can continue to grow and innovate under these circumstances while showing compassion for the studios and schools that made us.

Together, we can make a difference.

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