Rehabilitating With Suzan Sittig

Updated: May 31

Injuries and rehabilitation have always carried a negative connotation in the industry. The common misconception is that dancers are expendable. Why should a director wait for a rehabilitating dancer when there is a younger and possibly more talented one ready to jump in at zero notice?

And it's just that we are trying to demystify. We must reject and overcorrect that narrative. What science and, more specifically, sports medicine, journals, research, and the like have proved time and time again, is that a rehabilitating dancer/athlete becomes more resilient, working smarter post-rehab. On the flip side, dancers in rehabilitation are also vulnerable, so it's important to emphasize the importance of letting the process play out and not rushing it because being premature can be as detrimental as the initial injury itself.

We're excited to unveil this new feature focusing on just that, the rehabilitation journey from start to finish—and beyond. Written by Suzan Sittig, a dancer with the Vienna State Opera Ballet, this editorial is her heartfelt and honest 11-month journey from injury, diagnosis, surgery, and post-surgery to rehabilitation—and why each of those 11-months was crucial and imperative to her progress and growth into a more resilient dancer.

Connect with Suzan via Website: Instagram: @not.a.bunhead

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