What's Your Story?

Written by Kay Tien

The stories you find on Pivot Pointe came quite organically through conversations I was having with dancers. A few years ago, when I conducted research for Dancer Index, it dawned on me these conversations deserved a platform of their own and shared with the masses.

Throughout these conversations, it became apparent that the underlying theme throughout many of them was the topic of transition. Transitions are vulnerable stages where dancers can feel isolated and sometimes from the system: pre-professional training, auditions, injuries, entering company life, developing as a dancer, and transitioning out of the industry.

While I understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all of the above stages, creating awareness can help encourage change and give inspiration and courage to those that need it. I hope to inject more hope and give more power back to dancers so that there is more choice and autonomy, starting with career transition.

This feature pays homage to all the inspiring dancers and their stories. Whether you are currently experiencing a difficult time, searching for more courage or inspiration, or starting a new chapter, there will be a dancer story that resonates with you.

Theme: Following Your Heart
Theme: Injury Prone?
Theme: There Are Many Paths to Success
Theme: Prioritizing Yourself & Health
Theme: Back to Zero (Starting Again)
Theme: I Want a Dance Career (Just Not in Classical Ballet)
Theme: Discrimination & Sexuality
Theme: Dancers Starting New Endeavors

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