Empowering Professional Dancers In Transition


Pivot Pointe is an independent creative agency that targets dancer transition in auditions, injury, and career transition.


We pride ourselves in creating customizable and multidisciplinary innovations that target both the dancer and the individual as a whole. Driven by creativity and a core mission of empowering professional dancers, we build strong and lasting relationships with our clients throughout their dance transition journey.

Creating Innovations for Every Stage:
"From finding the right professional school to auditioning for a contract and making a successful career transition, I've lived it all. I recognize that it's a rocky road and a far from linear path. Having come back to the dance world after a decade working in other industries, it pains me to see generations of dancers still stumped by the same issues that I did, and in 2020 with no real solution to these problems. I'm hoping Pivot Pointe will change just that."
Kay Tien, Founder of Pivot Pointe
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