Career Prep

A new multidisciplinary program designed to prepare pre-professional and professional training students for audition season.

Skills that translate to a dancer's professional training, career, and beyond:

Pre-Professional Training

  • Professional School Strategy: guiding students and their parents in the professional school search and outreach along with network connections for correct placement

  • Student & Parent Mentorship: constructive feedback and advice for and along the dancer journey

Professional Training

  • Financial Stability: an all-encompassing program that is priced affordably that allows them to gain audition traction

  • Digital Literacy & Soft Skills: development of digital literacy and essential soft skills

  • Empowerment: ability and skillset to create all the required audition materials at top industry level

Professional Dancer

  • Re-Auditioning: reapply Career Prep knowledge for a new audition season

  • Branding: learn how to market your own brand while building a digital presence and platform online

  • Grant Endeavors: use digital literacy and soft skills cultivated to pursue funding for performance and/or choreographic endeavors


  • Adaptability: Career Prep can be applied to a post-performance job search

  • Competitive Advantage: Career Prep prepares you for the basic foundation for career transition with competitive skills in an age of automation and digital transformation

Bridging the skills gap to help dancers create and master their own:


Cover Letter

Research & Outreach

Dance Photos


Audition Video

Digital Literacy

Soft Skills

Overall, 50% of dancers felt unprepared for audition season.

Source: Pivot Pointe Dance Audition Survey 2019

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Pivot Pointe is not able to promise or guarantee school placement or job employment from participation in Career Prep.

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