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Dancer Index - Preparation unleashes the untapped potential of dancers, propelling them toward their coveted destination. Our groundbreaking program grants dancers the autonomy and adaptability to chart their own path at their own rhythm, tailored to fit each dancer's unique timeline.

Dancer Index - Preparation Session 7: Resume & Digital Literacy
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 8: Cover Letter & Digital Literacy
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 9: Customize Job and Search Materials
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 10: Job Search Trial Run
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 11: interview Prep 1
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 12: Interview Prep 2
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 13: Interview Test Run
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 14: Mock Job Interview with Industry Expert
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 15: Final Job Profile Edit
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 16: Tailored Portfolio Assessment
Dancer Index - Preparation Session 17: Tailored Portfolio Assessment

Dancer Index - Preparation breathes life into the strategies forged during Dancer Index - Exploration phase with eleven 1.5 hr sessions. You will continue to work with our founder Kay Tien on this transformative second stage. Demystify the intricate job search process, be empowered and cultivate vital skills, curate personalized job search materials and portfolio, and forge valuable connections with industry experts.

“Kay is such an inspiration in the way she helps you understand that after years and years spent in the ballet world, you actually developed skills beyond the art form. She always perfectly pinpoints what could and should be used in your career transition.” - Professional Dancer
I'm interested in transitioning my career, but I'm not ready to retire from dancing. Would I still be a good fit for Dancer Index?
Certainly! Dancer Index takes into account the timelines of all dancers, which is why we’ve designed a two-part program. We encourage starting Dancer Index - Exploration while you are still active in your dance career.
My work schedule is always changing due to rehearsals and performances. How can I commit to Dancer Index's sessions??
Dancer Index was created to meet the needs of professional dancers like you. Simply sign up for our pricing plan and book a virtual session based on your availability. Whether you are touring, performing, or in prolonged rehearsals, you can set your own pace.
I am interested in signing up for the Dancer Index program. However, I am unsure which track to choose - Exploration or Preparation.
Dancer Index is a two-part career transition program.

The first part, Dancer Index - Exploration, includes 6 sessions that will help you discover your interests, passions, skillset, and direction for your career transition. By the end of the Dancer Index - Exploration sessions, you will have identified your desired career prospects and transition strategy.

The second part, Dancer Index - Preparation, includes 11 sessions that are designed to help you execute your transition strategy. This includes creating job search materials, preparing for interviews, receiving reviews from an industry expert, conducting trial searches, networking, crafting your portfolio, and more.
Who will be my instructor for Dancer Index?
You will have the opportunity to work directly with our founder, Kay Tien. With over 20 years of combined expertise in both the dance industry and the business world, as a former dancer and consultant, Kay will guide you through each session and career milestone with her extensive knowledge and experience. You can rest assured that you will be in the hands of an expert who has successfully worked with many dancers and individuals through their career transitions.

If you are still unsure, you can also contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation  to determine if Dancer Index is the right fit for you.
Unfortunately, the current pricing plans do not align with my financial situation. However, I am still very interested in pursuing a career transition. How can I proceed?
At Pivot Pointe, we strive to accommodate all financial situations. If you are unable to find a suitable pricing plan, kindly reach out to us. Our team will work closely with you to explore alternative options. We would also like to invite you to browse our comprehensive library of interviews via our Editorials. These resources, featuring former dancers and experts outside the dance industry, are available free of charge. We believe that these stories can shed light and inspire one's career transition. Hopefully, you will find inspiration and valuable insights in them.
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