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Dancer Index

Providing a roadmap for your
dancer-journey, tailored to you.

Regardless of Life's Detours, Dancer Index Gets You There

The ballet world is filled with many unforeseen challenges that can disrupt a dancer's journey. So whatever your challenge: injury, deselection, or career transition, Dancer Index unlocks your potential and gets you to your desired destination. 

The 2-part program gives you the freedom and flexibility to determine your roadmap—at your pace. 

Don't let the industry define your story: awaken to your potential and uncover your additional passions, desires, and talents. 

Introducing Exploration (1 of 2)

Introducing Preparation (2 of 2)

Your Guide
Kay Tien

As a former professional ballet dancer who transitioned into business 2 weeks after exiting the dance world, Kay knows all about the challenges of a dancer's journey. Kay will be your coach and confidante, acting as your guide through each session and helping you get to your desired destination.

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“Kay is such an inspiration in the way she helps you understand that after years and years spent in the ballet world, you actually developed skills beyond the art form. She always perfectly pinpoints what could and should be used in your career transition.”


“Just finishing up Day 3, and I've had some fun, reflective, and informative days! It was a great exercise to really hone in on what each of my areas of interests are, like the parts that actually interest me."

Retired Dancer

“Savannah is glowing about each session that she attends with you. Many thanks, she is learning a lot, and her job search materials look amazing.”


“It’s great that Kay sits in on the therapy from two perspectives, she can see the personal which taints actions and decisions. I think she is better at recognizing the new narratives. Kay really went above and beyond, and I really appreciate it!”

Retired Dancer

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